Works on progress…



  1. Hi Seb!
    Thanks for visiting my blog & following it! You have amazing shots on your blog, esp. from Bali & Switzerland. I’m going to be a happy follower of your blog now!

  2. Hi, Seb –
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog! Would you by any chance be working out of the Dominicana republic. in the Carribean? I was sort of wondering why it didn’t seem to register in my statistics here? I need that flag! 😀

    1. Hi Mister Norway,
      My pleasure to follow you.
      I was on travel there last year but i’m living in Belgium. Sorry I can’t help you for that statistic flag.
      But perhaps next year I’ll go on guadeloupe… If you want, for that flag I can Help You 😉

      1. I must say, it’s a pretty cool coincidence that we both have similar lay-outs & the coolest name haha! have a good day too! 😀

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